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What are Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs?

How Do EMFs Impact Your health?

Reduced Melatonin

Reduced Melatonin

Man-made EMFs with power-frequency of 50 to 60 Hz reduce
melatonin that results in cancer.
Creation of Stress Proteins

Creation of Stress Proteins

ELF and RF activate the cellular stress response and increased
levels of stress proteins in humans.
Immunity Impairment

Immunity Impairment

EMFs exposure leads to allergic and inflammatory responses
that result in immunity impairment.
Cancers (Multiple Types)

Cancers (Multiple Types)

Research proves that EMFs emitted from power lines produce
free radicals cells that cause cancer.
Genetic Damage and Mutation

Genetic Damage and Mutation

High-frequency radiations from mobile towers damage DNA cells
and genes that lead to leukemia.
Disruption in Cell Protein Production

Disruption in Cell Protein Production

Exposure to EMFs produces stress proteins that end-up
disrupting cell protein production.
Changes in Electrical Activity in the Brain

Changes in Electrical Activity in the Brain

EMFs change the whole brain chemistry that causes nonlinear
changes in brain electrical activity.
Metabolic Changes in Brain Tissues

Metabolic Changes in Brain Tissues

EMF exposures do deep changes in the brain functions and
disrupt its metabolism causing diseases.
Electrophysiological Disruption of the Nervous System

Electrophysiological Disruption of the Nervous System

EMF/RFR emissions from mobile phones lead to
electrophysiological disruption of the nervous system.

Tested and Validated Technology

Our Angels were originally developed to protect practitioners using frequency devices in clinical settings. It was quickly discovered that the devices had noticeable and beneficial effects on everyone in the local effective area, for all types of EMFs. Certifications by IGEF and IIREC validated what was being reported by clients and clinicians. Begin harmonizing your environment today!

Why do you need protection from EMF?

“ Watch the video to learn how our Angel products protect you from the health risks of EMFs. “
  • EMFs Trigger Cancer Symptoms

    Prolonged exposures to EMF waves could trigger the growth of cancer in the individuals, studies revealed. People who use mobile phones for hours are at the highest risk. The electromagnetic radiations damage mitochondria. EMFs produces free radicals that damage the cells and pave the way for the onset of cancer in the individuals.

  • Exposure to EMF Results in Cardiac Failure

    The heart is highly sensitive to EMFs. If it gets exposed to the environment with the presence of EMF radiations, it could result in atrial fibrillation or even death due to cardiac arrest. The pacemaker cells of your heart respond aggressively to the consistent EMF exposure and trigger symptoms of cardiac failure.

  • EMFs Cause Reproductive Health Issues

    Studies reveal that exposure to EMF radiations significantly decreases the male sperm count. With the laptops sitting on the laps and carrying mobile phones in the pockets, reproductive parts are exposed to EMF radiations all the time. Such a massive exposure to EMFs leads to male infertility issues.



Our Angel products are certified for performance from reputed research institutes such as IIREC, Austria and IGEF, Germany. Rest assured that you are investing in the trusted EMF protection products.

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The information provided here has been sourced from many different publicly available sites on the Internet.  It is intended to provide a starting point to educate you of EMF dangers.  Please do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and act accordingly to protect your friends, family, coworkers and those you love.