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About Us

About- Sensitiv Imago Angel Products

The scientific principle of operation of the Angels is based on and many years of research and knowledge of the properties of minerals and their effect on specific vibrations in the environment and the human body.

The Angels are designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from minerals. It is well-known online essay writer that each specific mineral “vibrates” at a certain frequency. This fact is true not only for minerals but also of everything else.

Minerals possess an unimaginable amount of energy. The frequency range in which individual minerals “vibrate” is scientifically substantiated and this knowledge is used for optimal design, tuning and functioning of the Angel devices.

Through years of research, it has been established that specific minerals, in a certain specific configuration, can cause an effect based on resonance. Specific minerals vibrating in their specific ranges are able to create a mutually supportive vibration that naturally tunes to the environment – be it geopathogenic zones or other influences which also vibrate in a certain frequency range. Based on this principle, it becomes possible to diminish the effect of negative vibrations and to establish a harmonizing effect in the local environment, that reduces the stress on the body.


Effects from Sensitiv Imago™ Angel instruments are individual and depend on several factors. The first noticeable effect of the Angel depends on the sensitivity of the individual. Visible positive effects also depend on the severity of the disorder and its character. If the is problem is acute, usually improving the state comes earlier than with chronic problems which need one to several months for a noticeable improvement.

The speed of effects also depends on the degree of the current body contamination and the degree of maintaining a healthy regimen. So if you want to take the maximum benefits of the Angel, a healthy lifestyle is suggested.

First impressions

The effect of geopathogenic zones is eliminated within the first three hours of the Angel installation. Some sensitive individuals feel the first effects almost immediately. You can feel the atmosphere change in the environment (the feeling of a clearer air), a greater sense of relaxation. Some individuals may experience a “adaptation period”. It is caused by the device Angel acting on blockages in our body, which were dormant but now will begin to activate. Over time, the Angel will gradually degrade these blockages, negative feelings mitigated and eventually disappear altogether. The principle of this reaction can be compared to various forms of detoxification. The Angel provides for gradual detoxification of the organism by gentle and non-invasive method with long lasting effects.

Sensitiv Imago™ Angel in Medical Centers

What is specifically important for us is the use of Sensitiv Imago™ Angel in bioresonance centers, medical facilities, dentists offices, engineering and technical facility where there are electronic devices are in use and where there is a permanent pollution of environment by all types of abnormal electro-magnetic effects. The use of the Angel results in much less fatigue and more accurate work with bioresonance devices.

Les médicaments ne doivent pas être jetés au tout à l’égout ou avec les ordures ménagères. Demandez à votre pharmacien ce qu’il faut faire des médicaments inutilisés. www.cialispascherfr24.com Ces mesures permettront de protéger l’environnement.


The information provided on this website has been sourced from many different publicly available sites. It is intended to provide a starting point for individuals to educate and protect themselves against the dangers of EMF exposure. We encourage you to continue researching in order to draw your own conclusions, allowing you to act accordingly to protect your friends, family, and all your loved ones.