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6 Helpful Tips to Minimize EMF Damage Due to Mobile Use

6 Helpful Tips to Minimize EMF Damage Due to Mobile Use

Do you know that mobile phones emit EMFs that trigger serious health conditions in humans? In fact, cell phones are a major source of growing EMF exposure. With the advancement of technology, there’s a massive rise in the number of Smartphone users. With increasing mobile user base, the EMF dangers have also become a serious concern. Since the mobile phone’s impulses can disable the mind’s barrier that filters toxins from the blood, using it for over 2 minutes is a serious health hazard.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should disconnect yourself from the world. Just keep these tips in mind while using mobiles if you want to minimize the EMF impact on your health. Here are the six easy ways to protect yourself:

1. Keep Mobile Usage Under 2 Minutes

Restrict your mobile phone usage to two Minutes or even less than that to keep yourself safe from EMFs. Never keep your mobile close to your head as it can create higher doses of radiation due to the closeness and prolonged exposure while sleeping.

2. Replace Cordless Phones

Don’t let kids under 16 Years to make the use of cordless telephones as they are an easy victim. It is because the brains of younger kids are 75 percent more vulnerable to radiation damage than older adults. Better replace old cordless telephones with corded lines if it is possible for you. The cordless telephone base elicits extremely high levels of EMR throughout the day whether they are in use or not. So, be wary of it.

3. Maintain a Safe Distance During Mobile Use

Keep the safe distance from the telephone’s speaker during the use. Maintaining the safe distance from the mobile helps put a bar on the EMF exposure. You would be surprised to know that corded headsets collect radiations from all over the phone that eventually turns the consumer’s head into an antenna to act as a base station. Bluetooth headsets produce even a more significant risk as they point focused microwave frequencies straight into the ears. It’s better to the use air tube headset to be on a safer side.

4. Don’t Answer Calls When Mobile Battery is Low

If possible don’t answer when the mobile battery is extremely low unless it’s very urgent. It is because when the battery power goes low, the amount of EMF produced triggers to an extremely high range. This way you would be able to avoid the health risks that happen due to high EMF exposure.

5. Keep it Away from Reproductive Organs

Don’t keep your mobile phones near your hip. More than 80 percent of the body’s red blood cells are produced in this body part, and it is extremely vulnerable to EMR damage. It could affect your fertility.

6. Minimal Mobile Usage During Pregnancy

Severely restrict cordless telephone usage if you’re pregnant. In the pregnancy period, you need to reduce the EMR exposures to the minimal. The radiations could affect a growing fetus, and mobile phones usage must be restricted.

Are you worrying about how to follow so many restrictions while using mobiles? Don’t worry you could still enjoy the convenience of using mobile phones if you choose to bring home the EMF neutralizers. Explore an innovative range of Angel products designed to safeguard you from EMF radiations. Check out our products now!


The information provided on this website has been sourced from many different publicly available sites. It is intended to provide a starting point for individuals to educate and protect themselves against the dangers of EMF exposure. We encourage you to continue researching in order to draw your own conclusions, allowing you to act accordingly to protect your friends, family, and all your loved ones.