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All You Need to Know About EMF Protection

All You Need to Know About EMF Protection

People are surrounded by electrical and electronics a majority of the time. Whether you are in your home or the office, these appliances exist there ahead of us. In reality, we rely on those appliances and devices for the smooth functioning of our daily life. There’s little doubt in stating that electronic and electrical appliances make our lives comfortable. However, there’s the other dark secret that has been kept private from us. These appliances emit electromagnetic fields which are damaging waves that pose a danger to our well-being. Let’s reveal more:

What Are EMFs?

The question is that what are electromagnetic fields. EMFs are the force areas of the magnetic and electrical forces which cannot be seen by your naked eyes. EMF is created by moving charges from the electric appliances. The EMF travels in the shape of waves or radiation through the atmosphere and enters our bodies to interfere with the bioelectrical signals which are transmitted from the nervous system into the human body parts.

What Happens If You Get Exposed to EMFs?

It means that EMFs are potentially dangerous for our health. If you get exposed to EMFs for an extended period, it could trigger your anxiety levels. It may even change your DNA. Additionally, it has the capability to influence your immune system. For your information, the EMF exposure is a significant contributor to heart diseases in most people.

Safe Limits of EMF Exposure That You Must Know

EMF is measured in the units called milli-Gauss (mG). You should have a fair idea of the safe limits of EMF exposure to keep yourself safe. You must know how much EMF each electrical/electronic appliance emits. For instance, a vacuum cleaner emits around 1300 mG of EMF while a hair dryer emits approximately 20,000 mG of EMF. Thus, based on these calculations, you have to employ methods that provide you security from EMF.

How to Protect Yourself From EMFs?

1) Taking Preventive Measures

The most straightforward approach to protect yourself from EMF is to stay at a safe distance from the electric appliances. Whenever you’re using them, attempt to be as much far as you can from the devices. Next choice can be the minimal usage of these appliances. For instance, don’t use the blender; instead, utilize your hands to beat the egg. Similar approaches may diminish your EMF exposure considerably.

2) Considering EMF Protection Products

Another helpful way to safeguard yourself from EMFs is to make use of products which provide you protection against EMF. These products inhibit the damaging effects of EMF on the entire body. They consume the EMF, thus, substantially reducing their strength, or, they distort the pattern of the EMF emitted by the electric appliances in your environment. In any of these events, these EMF protection devices significantly decrease the health dangers that happen due to EMF exposure.

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The information provided on this website has been sourced from many different publicly available sites. It is intended to provide a starting point for individuals to educate and protect themselves against the dangers of EMF exposure. We encourage you to continue researching in order to draw your own conclusions, allowing you to act accordingly to protect your friends, family, and all your loved ones.