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Is Living Near Power Lines a Health Hazard?

Is Living Near Power Lines a Health Hazard?

Are you living near the high-grid power lines? If that’s the case, then it is good to know if there are risks to your health or your family’s state of health. Mostly, homeowners tend to ignore such topics, but when the health and life are at stake, you shouldn’t compromise at all. Though there are many contradictory views on safety or the risk of living near the power lines, still, there are many research studies that show its dark side. Knowing things upfront will help you make arrangements to avoid EMF exposure and the health complications involved.

What are the Dangers of Living Near Power Lines?

Most people talk about leukemia and cancer when the topic is associated with living near the power lines. However, research reveals that living close to power grid lines brings a gamut of diseases to your door-step. Some scientific studies indicate the increased risk of health conditions for children. Isn’t it enough to get your attention? Other studies have found connections among living near the high-grid power lines and breast cancer, decreased libido, fatigue, depression, and many fatal diseases. The list includes congenital disabilities, reproductive problems, heart diseases and so on.

If Power Lines are Extremely Dangerous, Why Don’t They Get Banned?

There are contradictory views on the safety of relatively low electromagnetic fields (electromagnetic fields) resulting from high voltage lines. Reading research studies can be confusing. Studies conducted by qualified scientists produce widely divergent and contradictory results. In our modern society, it is impossible to calculate all the variables in lifestyle, diet, genetics, domestic wiring configurations, etc.

Power Lines are Still a Health Risk, Save Yourself When You Still Have Time

There have been many studies revealing that living near power lines is a health hazard. However, no conclusion has been drawn yet. It is disturbing to many scientists that no conclusion can be drawn. Living near power lines is a threat to our health and well-being, it is undoubtedly the cause of leukemia, cancer, and other reported symptoms. If you are living with high-voltage lines, you are on your own and should make arrangements to safeguard from the potential health risks.

What Should You Do to Protect Your Family if You Live Close to Power Lines?

If you are concerned that living near the power lines is a real health hazard, then don’t wait for the scientists to draw conclusions. Do you remember how many years it took scientists to conclude the health risks of smoking cigarettes? Better don’t ruin your health! Educate yourself about EMF protectors and bring home the one that could safeguard your whole family from the health risks of EMFs. You might find it useful to explore our Angel products that serve the same purpose.


The information provided on this website has been sourced from many different publicly available sites. It is intended to provide a starting point for individuals to educate and protect themselves against the dangers of EMF exposure. We encourage you to continue researching in order to draw your own conclusions, allowing you to act accordingly to protect your friends, family, and all your loved ones.